Mushrooms and Pollution: Another Technique To Dispose of and Transform Waste.

Chemical waste produced by humans via industry and agriculture create harmful impacts in the environment (Adenipekun & Lawal, 2012). The problem with these man-made chemicals is the inability of organisms to breakdown the compounds in these chemicals (Adenipekun & Lawal, 2012). The reason for the inability to breakdown these chemicals, is that they are not originally found in nature (Adenipekun & Lawal, 2012).

High-Speed Trains: The Future of Transit

In a news release on October 23rd, the Ontario Government announced its plan to bring high speed rail to the Toronto-Windsor corridor, which is located in Southern Ontario, Canada. This would be Canada’s first high speed rail service and would slash people’s travel times in half, while also providing a greener travel option for workers, businesses and students.